Love Notes The Journal

Want A Good Friend? ~

As a young girl, my maternal grandfather taught me if you have a good book; you have a good friend for life.  And he was so right! Books bring us so much pleasure in ways that nothing else in life can do!

JoAnn Corley and I love to write. She has many published works that enrich us professionally. On the other hand, I write to enrich and encourage the heart and soul.  We are great together and it is a privilege to work with her as a collaborator!

Books are to authors and readers what water is to thirsty travelers. Books warm our hearts, provide us with intrigue, whet our appetite for romance and delight us with humor. 

Books enlighten us with new knowledge and wisdom. They inspire us to seek new adventures, to walk away from the familiar - far from our comfort zone.  Books lead to delightful flights of fancy when life realities seem almost too much to bear!

A good book is the best companion for a cold winter's day.  Indoors and out of the weather, curled up with a great book and freshly brewed Java is absolutely the best place to be when the elements outside rage about!

Yes, books truly are great life companions with whom we can live a fuller richer life.

On the following pages you will discover our journey from the obscurity of simply doses of inspiration shared with a group of women on a daily basis – to the excitement of sharing those simple messages in book form with a world that may be thirsty for what we offer.

We invite you to travel with us from page to page.  Learn more about the world of "LOVE NOTES from the Heart – Reflections to Encourage and Inspire You!"

Learn our desire to bring a work that encourages you & enriches the world!  A book that gives back in more ways than we could ever imagine.

Get excited about the CHARITIES we support when you buy the book ~ for yourself and as a gift to others.

And as you pick it up over the next 52 weeks or more; remember that "to have a good book is to have a friend for life!"

Linda S. Fitzgerald & JoAnn Corley